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PulaTech custom applications are incredibly powerful tools that can totally revolutionize the way you do business. By developing custom applications, your company can integrate disparate off-the-shelf software, create a tailored solution that streamlines business processes, or create a beautiful, customer-facing application. And at PulaTech, we’re experts when it comes to custom application development. When you contract with us, you get a team of dedicated experts who can help you create the perfect application for your business needs – guaranteed!

In a Nutshell, this is our "bread and butter"! It's what we do!

Developing your own custom applications in-house is extremely time-consuming and resource-intensive – even if you have a qualified team of experienced developers at your company. That’s why modern businesses have been turning to the application development services of PulaTech for years. Pulatech is a software development company with team of highly-qualified developers can handle the creation of any kind of custom application – from Windows-based apps, to smartphone applications and cross-platform, web-based designs, PulaTech can handle it all! We have the advanced knowledge, software tools, and project management expertise to make your project an unqualified success – and we always finish our projects on-time and on-budget. So don’t deal with the expense, headache, and difficulty of developing your own custom applications. Contact us today to learn more about our custom application development services, or keep reading to see more about why you should choose PulaTech today!

Custom Solutions

Your company is unlike any other – so why should you settle for off-the-shelf software? With your vision and input, we can design incredible software that’s custom-tailored specifically for the needs of your business!



Our team of UI/UX experts specializes in personalizing PulaTech custom applications. We can modify and personalize your custom software to cater to any market group or audience – whether


Responsive Design

Mobile computing is here to stay, so at PulaTech, we focus on creating responsive, cross-platform applications that respond to screen size, device type, and more. With support for all devices and platforms, your custom application will be flexible, cost-effective, and usable just about anywhere!

PulaTech Application Development Services

Mobile Development
There are now more  Android smart phones than iPhones. Our in-office staff is extensively trained and experienced in the Google Android SDK. The SDK leverages their time to save you money while delivering custom capabilities and great user experiences that maximize business benefits. Learn more…
Apple’s iOS is the operating system for all their mobile products. Development is highly specialized, and apps must meet stringent requirements before being accepted by their App Store. Pulatech’s experience and detailed knowledge of iOS, iPhones, iPads, and the App Store smooths the entire process so that your apps get into the hands of users more quickly and more affordably. Learn more…
Microsoft .NET
PulaTech is a leader in desktop apps and eCommerce portals with an emphasis on application security. Our expertise is build on the power and integration of Microsoft’s .NET framework. We provide solutions featuring VB.NET and C#, and may recommend .NET server products such as Microsoft’s SQL server for superior quality within a single framework. Our extensive knowledge of these tools and their integration allow us to speed development while assuring quality. Learn more…
Cross Platform

Java has become a standard development tool for enterprise systems. Java’s proven capability for building reliable, secure, and scalable applications has been accepted worldwide. Many organizations now use Java technologies because of the huge amount of documentation available, vast number of 3rd party libraries, and its complete independence from platform. Our Java developer team is made up of skilled, highly experienced individuals, and we encourage developers to become Sun certified. Learn more…


AngularJS is Google’s open-source web application framework which was developed to meet the needs of rapid application development and testing for single-page applications (SPAs). Using a new feature called directives, AngularJS introduces tags and html attributes that are used to bring refreshing responsiveness and data binding with minimal effort by the developer. Learn more…

Node.js development services
PulaTech is one of the pioneered Node.js web & mobile app development service providers, we at PulaTech provide plug-in and module development solutions or an app development requirement, we handle requirements of small and large-sized business modules. Learn more…
PHP is a general purpose server-side scripting language used to produce dynamic web pages. It is a widely used scripting language embedded into HTML. PHP business solutions require experts who understand the ins and outs of dynamic applications in a more comprehensive manner than amateurs. PulaTech’s web developer team is highly trained in developing web applications on the Apache and PHP stack. Learn more…

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