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Enterprise Integrations – Your Key To A More Efficient Business

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PulaTech Enterprise Integration – Your Key To A More Efficient Business

The modern world of business IT is vast and complex.  Most companies are running dozens of custom and off-the-shelf software packages – and if these programs are unable to communicate with each other, your business could suffer from decreased business agility and inefficient business processes. Enterprise integrations from PulaTech can help you prevent this! Using advanced informatics techniques and custom application layers, we can connect your ERP platforms, CRM systems, BI programs, and databases – allowing for full data parity and connectivity that can help you make better business decisions.

Business Connectivity Is More Complex Than Ever- Enterprise Integration is Solution

Your expensive, powerful IT systems are useless to you if their data is “siloed” and can’t be accessed at-will. That’s why enterprise integrations are so critical – but even with advances in modern technology, integrating your software is more difficult than ever.

 Most companies use a wide variety of cloud-based, SaaS software alongside on-site platforms and custom software. When these systems can’t communicate with each other, businesses suffer from decreased efficiency – but the complexities of enterprise integration are usually beyond the reach of your everyday IT staff.

 However, by using custom software and any built-in APIs present in your enterprise software, PulaTech can help you connect your most important systems – enhancing your ability to get valuable insights that can inform your business.

 From legacy software to modern, cloud-based SaaS platforms, PulaTech team can help you revitalize your IT systems, and connect all of your mission-critical systems – turning your information into insights.

 So contact us today for a no-commitment quote! We’d be happy to discuss your needs, and how PulaTech can help your business benefit from enhanced data parity and accessibility!


Stay Connected

With secure integration and controlled API access, you control the accessibility to your data – wherever and whenever you need it!

Easy & Low-Impact

PulaTech specializes in integrating business platforms with minimal downtime and interruption. We can create new connections in hours – not days – and we’ll make the changes we need with minimal impact on your business systems or consumer-facing applications.


Our approach to enterprise integration is inherently future-minded. We craft custom connections and use existing APIs to create modern, powerful data-architecture out of your existing IT infrastructure and assets.

Next Generation SOA Cutting-edge, Software Oriented Architecture

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and APIs are a match made in heaven! Together, a modern focus on SOA and APIs can provide businesses with advanced, impactful enterprise integrations.

 PulaTech combine these two technologies and promise to revolutionize the entire world of IT infrastructure. From cloud services to big data analytics, mobile computing, and even IoT technologies.

Legacy System Modernization

Align Your Legacy Systems With Modern Technology

Replacing systems such as IBM legacy databases and applications can be time-consuming and expensive – especially if you’ve been using this system for years.

PulaTech provides a solution! Using our incremental approach to application consolidation, we can help you modernize and replace your legacy systems with minimal downtime! With a focus on Service Oriented Architecture and current integration patterns, our enterprise integrations for legacy systems are second-to-none!

Salesforce Integration

Upgrade your CRM services!

For nearly a decade, PulaTech has been providing consulting, development, and integration services for Salesforce integrations. With fast turnaround times and a deep knowledge of Salesforce APIs, we deliver exceptional projects to all of our Salesforce customers.

 Whether you need to revitalize your cloud systems, integrate a custom application with your Salesforce installation, or simply require basic Salesforce customization, PulaTech is the #1 worldwide choice for Salesforce integration!

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