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Progress Sitefinity

Sitefinity CMS
Development Partner

Progress Sitefinity

PulaTech engages with Progress Sitefinity customers for Sitefinity CMS development, selling CMS licenses, sales support and on the street person for demo in Midwest US.

Critical Capabilities

  • Sitefinity CMS Development
  • UX Customization
  • Professional Integration
Progress Sitefinity
About Progress Sitefinity
Progress tools and platforms enable the world’s leading businesses to deliver new technologies that are adaptive, connected and cognitive.
Web Content Management, Mobile, Application Development Services.
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PulaTech works with Progress from initial call, to closed deal and beyond, PulaTech and Progress are your trusted advisor throughout the business cycle.

PulaTech help Progress customers to empower and sustain their business using following tools and resources:

  • Sales Partner.
  • Co-marketing Support.

  • Sales training
  • Demonstration skills
  • United States Midwest Sales Partner.
  • Education.

  • Sitefinity CMS Development.
  • Professional Integration.
  • Professional Implementation.
  • UX/UI Customization.

  • Selling CMS Licenses.
  • Quarterly Business Reviews.
  • Executive Briefings.

Progress customers span the globe and include thousands of ISVs that build their business application offerings on Progress, and tens of thousands of organizations using Progress to build their own mission-critical applications.

Services provided by PulaTech

Sitefinity CMS

PulaTech works with Progress as sitefinity CMS development partner.

UX/UI Customization

We deliver everything you need to build a modern web application under tight deadlines, with out-of-the-box features and functions that can speed your development time by 50 percent.

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