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Hottest Trends of 2017 in Enterprise Software Integration

Information controls everything in a modern company.  As businesses continue to implement more wide-ranging software solutions and rely on integrated IT infrastructures, enterprise software integration (ESI) is becoming more and more important. ESI (sometimes known as Enterprise Application Integration) is a specialized IT field that uses middleware applications to connect critical business software systems to one another and allow easy transfer of data between disparate
The Amazon Cloud_ 7 New Services You Should Be Leveraging

We present The Amazon Cloud: 7 New Services You Should Be Leveraging – Today!

Amazon is the undisputed king of cloud computing. The corporate giant has leveraged their enormous data centers and quickly turned their Amazon Web Services into one of the most powerful and flexible cloud-based hosting platforms in the world.
PulaTech plays vital role in Custom Application Development for Business

How we play vital role in Custom Application Development for Business Success

Custom application development is becoming more critical than ever for the success of your business. In today’s business world, companies are looking for an edge that can help them beat the competition – and custom applications are often the solution.
Are Microservices A Serious Integration Pattern

Are Micro-services A Serious Integration Pattern – Or Just A Buzzword?

If you’re at all connected to the world of enterprise integration and custom application solutions, you’ve probably heard a new buzzword popping up all over the place – “Micro-services”.