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Client Profile

MCM Services Group LLC provides marketing solutions and a complete range of lead generation services, specifically targeting attorneys. It offers creative, online, lead management services as  well as television, print, and radio multilingual advertising. The company offers its solutions to attorneys generally targeting torte reform cases such as defective drugs, medical devices, toxic substances, malpractice, product liability cases, and other personal injury topics.

Business Needs

MCM Services Group needed a solution where they could optimize internal workflow processes, a solution that encompassed providing an end to end solution to internally manage their entire work process. This included creating many internal efficiencies for their employees within their day to day work. MCM’s business has a sophisticated process, which includes campaign management, information gathering, securing leads, medical record gathering, exchanging documentation with potential victims, electronic signatures and several 3rd party integration touchpoints. So, they aimed at making this process streamlined with the ability to manage everything via a web portal.

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Features & Functionality

–  Campaign Management
–  Ad Management
–  Lead Management
–  Task Management

–  Document Management
–  Customer Management
–  Employee Management
–  Email and Text Message

–  Billing
–  Invoicing
–  Accounting
–  Reports
–  Third Party Integration


TheFree Seo Friendly Directory Resources Hlog objective of this portal was to streamline the workflow of MCM Services Group. What PulaTech delivered was a complete management solution for MCM Services group, as per their requirement. The portal which we developed had lots of features which included campaign management, advertising management, lead management, account management, invoicing and much more. It allowed the MCM employees to manage their day to day work. Technologies leveraged included Windows Services, REST-based Microsoft.NET API’s, AngularJS 4.0 and the system was integrated with other third-party API like USPS, American Retrieval Company (ARC), DocuSign and Twilio.

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Case Study: MCM

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