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I.T. can be simple, and cheap.

  • We find PulaTech to be an excellent partner and an outstanding value. They take ownership for their deliverables and have contributed to repeated customer success.
    Steven Sommer, Director of Solution Delivery at Qumu
  • Geoff is smart, hardworking, commercially minded, and is that rare breed of individual that understands how to use technology to deliver against a larger business goal. I strongly recommend Geoff to anyone looking for someone to move a solution or business forward. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Geoff in the future.
    Michael Ridgeway, President at Freedman International USA
  • These people are good
    Tom Guyer, CEO and President at Winsor Learning
  • We've never had it so good
    Denise Thiede, Vice President at Eurofins Biodiagnostics
  • Highly motivated, well-organized, technically savvy, and clear communicators
    Mitch Moon, Leader of Enterprise Secure Software Group at Wells Fargo
  • At the top of my list when building an application solution because I know they will get the job done right
    Joe Teff, Vice President, Information Security at Wells Fargo
  • Strong work ethic, outstanding technical capabilities, and a solid business acumen
    William Cavanaugh, Head of Global Informatics, Bayer HealthCare
  • Inventive, customer-focused, timeless work ethic, calm under pressure, fun to be around, and all around leaders
    Chad Eckes, CEO of cSquaredE


The Power of Pula

Technology today has become a very big word that touches almost every part of your customer’s life. At PulaTech, IT can be simple and cheap. At PulaTech, we utilise a managed cross shore development model to bring you the best talent at lowest cost.

PulaTech offers a number of IT services such as application development, enterprise integration, web content management, customer relationship management, personalized web development and video and media business solutions.

Business Solutions

When it comes to coaxing a spark of interest into a blaze of loyalty, you’ll find no better tinder than our services.

Let's Get To Work

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Our team prioritizes your business's needs, allowing you to focus on customer satisfaction while we manage your project.